The Haggard's Tragedy

Recently there have been a myriad of interviews on TV with Gayle Haggard. She is the wife of well known pastor Ted Haggard who, some years back, was found to have been mixed up in drugs and homosexual infidelity. She just put out a book called "Why I Stayed". Although I am glad that she stayed with her husband, and it seems they have worked things out, I did not hear anything in the two interviews I saw (I'm not following this story, it just so happened that I turned on the tv yesterday and today, right as they were interviewing Gayle) there was no mention of the Lord, or God's grace, forgiveness, or help. I found this to be disappointing and confusing. I suppose there is a way for a woman to stick with her husband through very difficult days without the help of the Lord, but I would imagine their faith had to have something to do with the outcome of this tragedy. I am sorry that the Haggards are not giving God any glory for their restoration on either of the two very public interviews that I saw (Oprah & The Today Show). There is a YouTube video from Gayle where she does mention God, but in their interview with Oprah they credited her deep love for her husband and therapy as the two factors that have helped them get through this difficulty in their marriage. What a waste of such a public platform. I hope they don't truly believe that love and therapy are really what saved them - that, in my mind, would be their biggest tragedy.