Princess Pea Cupcakery

Here I go...stepping out into uncertainty.
Going for my passion - feeling completely clueless.
Will this work?
I'm gonna make a try.

Baby steps...

I introduce to you:
Princess Pea Cupcakery

My very own buisness.
Designing custom dessert tables, baking and hand crafting the most scrumptious and beautiful desserts. Making events just THAT much more beautiful.

If you have some time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my infant website and blog.



Brie said...

It's awesome that you're starting your own business!!!!! Good luck! Have fun! Looks like a really cool idea and you're super creative and crafty...work it.

Vanessa Marie said...

Thanks Brie...I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (honestly) I need all the help I can get :o)

Omg Cupcakes NYC said...

congrat's to you! it is tricky in the beginning..but if you love cupcakes it's all worth it!