I just got an iphone last week - the regular 3G. Here are a few of my favorite apps:


This app is for grocery shopping, and what I love about it is:

1) I don't have to deal with little shopping list papers that either get lost, or litter my purse and drive me crazy.

2) I can put prices for each item, so eventurally even before I go to the store, I know what my grocery bill will be (more or less). This helps when you're on a budget (or starting a business that involves baking, as I am). You can even make a note of what the prices were at different stores for comparison shopping.


You know when someone makes you a mix CD, and you love some of the songs but have no idea who sings them, and you feel embarrassed to ask your friend, because then you'll look like a music looser? Enter Shazam. You put your phone up to the speaker and play the song for Shazam and Shazam tells you the song name, who sings it, and what album it's on.

So now, when I import my mix CDs in itunes - I can name the songs instead of importing them as "track 1, track 2, ...."


Sometimes, life is hard. When I'm going through rough stuff, it seems like all I can see are my problems. I've found that the simple act of writing down five things I am grateful for each day really helps.

Not only that, but as I journal my five things each day, over time I can look back at the days and weeks that have passed and see the blessings multiply - even if its just a hug from a friend, writing it down and recording it shows me how beautiful my life is.

Hello Vino

I know this is kind of like cheating, but for those of us who are still relatively new to wine drinking, this app rocks! Basically you tell it what kind of food you are eating, and it will recommend a wine type (like Cabernet, Merlot, etc.) and then it will recommend different labels.

You can also sort by occasion, taste and style, or country and region. Think of it as your own personal wine tutor.

Around Me

Last, but certainly not least, Around Me is a great app that will find anything around you (duh!)- a grocery store, a bank, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, etc. You can also search for a particular gas station, grocery store, etc. and it will search the area around you to find where the nearest one is.


As I said before, I only got my iphone a week ago - so if there are any great apps you can't live without, let me know!