What makes us content? That happy, sleeping baby with a full belly of food, and warm arms of love around - content.

I've always heard it's not your circumstances that make you content, but contentment comes from within. When I look within, I see nothing but the deepest of unfulfilled desires. So, there has to be something, bigger than myself, that can bring me contentment.

And then I think - do I really want to be content? Or do I want to always have that hunger for something more? Isn't that hunger what pushes us to change things, to grow, to be active?

I'm not content with my skill level I am pushed to practice harder. I am not content with the fact that there are children being abused, I want to adopt and love one.

Where is the line between always being a gumpy, discontented person, and being a driven, ambitious, active person who's always reaching for more?

I think I find the difference between mrs. grumpy pants and mrs. busy-bee in the knowledge that although what we do here on this earth, and acomplish in our lifetime is important, it is not of first importance. All the world is passing away.
The only thing that is eternal is God.
The only thing that is good is God.
All that we do that is productive, beautiful, inspired, and practical is from God and should be for God.

So, I can try to change the things in my life that aren't right, but they won't make me grumpy, they aren't of first importance. I am free to have them drive me to work hard and grow, because I know a day is comming soon, when He will put all to right.

I'll leave Mrs. Grumpy Pants at home today.