I'm sick. Not sick of being pregnant (well...maybe a little), no, I'm sick-sick. Throat on fire, head feels packed with junk, coughing-coughing-coughing. I feel bad for baby F...my coughs are strong and they probably rock his world - literally.

This weekend was fun though. I was only just starting to get sick on Saturday - so Fernando and I enjoyed the most wonderful day driving around some beautiful neighborhoods in Coral Gables looking for garage sales. But we slept in so late that we only found two, and there was nothing in either that enticed us. Then we headed over to Coco Walk and had an amazing lunch at Greenstreet - this amazing fresh food, outdoor, cafe/bistro. We snacked on hummus and sipped a mango smoothie, then dug into some ginormous salads. The day was gorgeous and it couldn't have been a more relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Now it's Monday. (boooooo)
My house is in need of some deep scrubbing and sudsing - as well as my car. I want to get this cleaning done - I really do! But the constant coughing exhausts me! So, we'll see what I end up getting done...although I do have a great motivation, last night I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and this guy had a disease that weakens all his muscles and he can barely talk, but only missed one football practice all season (he's a highschool football coach). So, that makes me think if he can do it, I can certainly scrounge up the necessary energy to scrub the home and car today- even while making a baby and fighting a sickness.

Here's to restful weekends, and charging the hill of life come Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is very inspiring! Be careful not to hurt yourself or the baby! Take care and I hope you feel better =] GOD bless you! -Allison