Six Weeks

That's all that stands between life as I know it, and life with a child. My child. My first child.

I know I'm not ready, and that kind of freaks me out, but I also know that I'll never be ready, and I just have to learn as I go, and I'm ok with that.

I'm resurrecting this blog because I want to remember this time. I want to take moments and record them. It takes time, and I'm not very disciplined at documenting life, but I have to at least try.

So, how am I feeling right now? Big. No, make that GINORMOUS. I've gained 30lbs...30lbs!!! I know why too...because I've eaten like a fatty. I am hungry more often because of the pregnancy, but I haven't made good choices when that hunger has come upon me. Sour gummy worms, ice cream sandwiches, a whole sleeve of Toll House crackers in one sitting!!! Today begins my cleansing, purging, get your act together woman! eating phase. Yes, I only have 6 more weeks, and yes, the damage has probably already been done, but if I don't get it together now, I have a feeling this could easily turn into life-long eating habits, and I can't...I just can't.

Other than feeling huge, I am feeling that mixture of 'freak out' and calm. Mostly calm, which is good. I packed my baby bag last night, boy was that crazy! picking out the first little onesie my son will wear in his life :) Packing tiny diapers and a little cap.

I'm glad pregnancy takes 40 weeks...something this big, has to hit you in tiny waves or it will just knock you over completely.


Brie said...

Hey guess what?? Your post makes me feel much better. I always thought I'd be on my very best behavior with my diet and eating habits during pregnancy. NOT SO. I've been eating so poorly, compared to how I used to eat. It's sort of a mixture of "I want what I want" and "well, I'm going to get fat anyways". But it's not good!

Anyways, 6 weeks is plenty of time to recoup I think. I should get back on track too. We can do it!