I'm not a good photographer, and I don't come out well in pictures, basically the camera and I are not good friends...but here are some of my favorite people who can work magic with photos and it makes my heart happy everytime I see their work. Some of them I know personally, I wish I could meet them all! Enjoy:

Stephanie Pino (My little sis): she's just starting out in photography, but I can see her sweet personality come out in her photos, and I love watching her grow through each photo shoot.
Stephanie's flickr

Here's a photo she took of Fernando and I for Valentines day

Studio222: So, I logged on to my facebook, not realizing it automatically logged into my husband's. I click on the photos tab (because that's my favorite part of facebook) and I see some photos from "Rebecca Knight" and they look REALLY good - I'm like wow - this girl has tallent, only to find out she's started her own business of wedding photography: Studio222
Studio222 blog

And she love shoes!

Gabrielle Kai Photography: I found Gabrielle Kai from decor8 website and fell hard for her beautiful photographs. They transport me out of crazy, loud, fast-paced Miami. She makes the every day things of life beautiful treasures. It is such a joy to look at her photos. If the Lord gives us a baby girl - those prints are going to be up all over her little nursery.
Gabrielle Kai's Website

I love it that she's a mother - and it comes out in her photos!

Bobby Earl: I found Bobby Earl through Studio222's blog and had to tell my husband about him right away. First of all Bobby and his wife Lindsay have one of the most beautiful relationships, which is always refreshing. Second - Bobby loves to travel and goes to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. His style in photography rocks!
Bobby Earl Blog

Bobby and Lindsay in Africa - What?!

Jenny James: So, Jenny James has done some event photography for Sovereign Grace Ministries and that's how I heard about her. The photography she does is so beautiful and fun - you can tell she doesn't take herself too seriously, but she has an amazing eye for unique shots that really thrill me. I wish I could wax all technical on why her photos are so good, but all I can say is that they just make me happy.
Jenny James website

Love that scarf!

Jewel Peach: Jewel is a good friend of mine, and she is one of the most unique, fun and beautiful people that I know. Her personality is so out there, and some of her pictures are too :) but they are full of emotion and life. I love her heart for children and missions. I know God is going to use her and Jason to bless a lot of people and I can't wait to meet their new baby in January!
Jewel's flickr

My drama queen


Studio222 Photography said...

Aw thanks! I haven't seen Fernando is years. Congratulations though to you both and thanks for the blog love :)

Gabrielle Kai Photography said...

Thanks so much for featuring my work, dear friend!

Your space here is so cute ♥

Bobby Earle said...

Awe!!! So glad you like the blog :)