Turning a New Leaf

This weekend I celebrated my birthday.

Coincidentally I also got a replacement for my dear, dear little "Preci"
She was given to me when I desperately needed a car to get to school and I've been so blessed to have her...but the time has come...

So, we went to the dealer on Saturday and brought home this little beauty. I call her "Ellie" (I give my cars names, and personalities...and yes, I had imaginary friends when I was a kid)

We were totally blessed with this car, Fernando did an awesome job negotiating the price. I'm just happy I can drive without worrying that I will be left stranded on a random street corner, or in the middle of the highway (both true stories). This is the first car I've ever owned that has been less than 12 years old - I feel like I'm driving a super futureistic space shuttle or something.

So begins a new year of life, with a new car.


faith2pray said...

Very nice! May the memories begin...